We know nothing about The future, , yet it is important to have dreams and visions. Equally important is to have an open mind to each new now. To be here and now and listen to your body’s signals of pleasure and discomfort.



My dream is so strong that I no conscious desire managed to keep it in my mind for over thirty years.

If I manage to complete my project, no one knows but my idea is to introduce a principle of life per year beginning in 2014.




The seven principles of life

The first

is about all things opportunity. If our capacity for creation, for our true självs all the options and what is required if we are to harness the power of harmony and love.

The second

is about giving and receiving. Give to ourselves to give to others. If energy and recycling.


The third

will be all about the inevitability of every human life. To choose. In every moment we make choices conscious and unconscious.

The fourth

This principales will be about that we can get what we want without effort. What is required is that we understand the principle to create harmony and love in our lives. That we accept things as they are and take responsibility for ourselves and for our feelings and do not waste our energy on defending us or that we are right.

The fifth

is about the power of thought. To become aware of what thought turbines going on in your head and choose thoughts about ourselves and others that make us good.

The sixth

is about the wisdom of uncertainty. If having visions and dreams, but also about letting go. To let unexpected events in life turn into gifts for our own development. To affirm oberondet and drop control.

The seventh

will be about the meaning of life. If we all have one or more gifts and talents that can bring joy to ourselves and other people, and how our lives gain meaning when we find the right.


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