This is the fourth part of the exhibition A New Earth, which presents seven living principles for a harmonious and sustainable world.

Do less and accomplish more.

How can I do less and achieve more?

The fourth principle of life is about the fact that we do not at all have to exert ourselves so much and still get and achieve what we want. How can it go?

1. Accept what is in the present, accept people, events, situations that emerge. Do not try to fight against what is in the moment, in the present. Take responsibility for your power.

2. The responsibility does not mean that you blame something on someone without being responsible for designing the present and the events in a way that gives joy and benefit to myself and others.

3. The third point is freedom of defense, to refrain from defending their views. Every time I try to argue for my views, the defense against what I say or write will instead increase. You put more energy into their arguments but what happens? It usually only becomes a waste of energy.


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