Monthly rent/Weekly  rent

Stay a whole month in a mini suite in Anne’s House for 12,600

Stay a week in a mini suite in Anne’s House for 6,800

Long term rent (minimum 3 months)

If you want to stay in Anne’s House in a mini suite for a longer period, you pay SEK 8,900 / month



The price includes: sheets, towels and final cleaning. You have access to a mini kitchen, sauna, laundry room and garden.

For an additional person in the room, SEK 200 / night will be added

Maybe you need:

* an overnight home in Gothenburg.

* you need a summer home in a quiet area in Gothenburg to be able to make excursions.

* peace, rest and variety.

*  time for “Your project” and need a secluded place with a lovely garden.

*  get acquainted with A NEW LAND ie. the exhibition on seven life principles for a fair and sustainable world that takes place in seven different rooms in the house and is presented with color and form and associated literature.

Then I think Anne’s House may be the right place for you. Here you are offered a quiet and peaceful environment.



The single room Leopold costs 9000: – / 4 weeks (Sunday-Sunday) The room has its own bathroom downstairs. If you stay 3 months, you pay SEK 6,800 / month


Stay well away

If you choose to stay in a hotel for more than a week, there are certain things that are especially important. I have thought through what would be important to me and have then arranged the following:


In the hotel :

Internet connection is a must. Wifi works perfectly and there are plenty of electrical outlets in each room.

A comfortable table to sit and work or eat at with a reading lamp and a regular chair.

There are TVs and CD players in each room. The TV channels are standard. There are books in each room with a different focus. (read more on each room’s page)

A good sofa to curl up in and a blanket for your feet .

A warm and comfortable room where it is and easy to open the window and lower the heat if you want to at night by turning off  the thermostat.

A comfortable bed with electrical outlet next to it I value a room that is cozy and nicely decorated and colored with warm colors.

Each room has glassware and crockery, a kettle and cutlery.

In the hall there is a mini kitchen with sink, hob, refrigerator and microwave It is possible to have your laundry washed or borrow the laundry room and wash yourself.

The three mini suites have an extra bed if you want to receive visitors.



Garden, sauna and A NEW EARTH

I think having access to a garden is a big plus value if the accommodation takes place during the warm season.

In Anne’s House there are patios in all directions and in summer the garden is adorned with flowers and leaves.

There is a sauna in the house which is available to guests.

There is an ongoing exhibition in Anne’s House. Read more under the heading A NEW EARTH on the website. As a guest, you can freely familiarize yourself with the content in peace and quiet and perhaps be inspired.


The surroundings

The surroundings are of course very important and here is some info about the area. There is free 24 hour parking on the streets. Just find a place and not too close to a corner (15 meters from the intersection) On a parallel street there is paid parking where there is almost always space. There is also a parking garage on Utlandagatan.


A quiet area and yet close to the city’s pulse Anne’s House is located in a quiet residential area where it is usually very quiet but still close to most things.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Swedish Fair, Chalmers and Götaplatsen where the City Library, Concert Hall, City Theater and Art Museum are located. The Swedish fair is located at Korsvägen, where the World Culture Museum, Universeum and Liseberg are located.


The Bergsprängaregatan bus stop is a 2-minute walk from the hotel. Buses 18 and 52 pass there with a section Sahlgrenska, Linneplatsen where Botaniska and Slottsskogen are located and Korsvägen which is a hub for various bus and tram lines. Construction is currently underway there for new stops for Västlänken.


In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are grocery stores and restaurants.


Health and exercise is important. My walking around Mossen’s sports ground is one of my morning routines. It is a lovely promenade. The area consists of old forest and an open area with football pitches. I walk the loop every day and it takes about 30 minutes. If you want to exercise further, PHYSICS has all conceivable tools and workouts to choose from. There are nice nature reserves in the immediate area and books about nice paths to lend.



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